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Suspensions Rear GM & Ford 550 HP or more

TECH TIP: Our 7028 kits have all the features that the 5028 kits have and more, and are recommended for cars with 450 horsepower or more (higher HP and/or NOS applications) or cars that need to square the rear end to get the car to roll easier or move the rear forward or backward to allow a bigger tire on the car. The basic 7028 kit has tubular chrome moly upper control arms with chrome moly double adjustable adjusters (for setting pinion angle and chassis preload for maximum traction at different tracks without removing any bolts or control arm). The more pinion angle the harder the suspension system will hit the rear tire but at a loss of horsepower to over come the pinion angle. Therefore don’t run any more pinion angle than what your car combination needs. Adjusting chassis preload will help the car with straight line launches (not the typical GM turn to the right launch). Also tubular chrome moly lower control arms with chrome moly double adjustable adjusters for squaring the rear end or moving it forward or rearward as necessary for maximum tire size. Plus 3/4" plate steel no-hop bars (to change the imaginary intersection point of the upper and lower control arms if they were extended forward) which will cause the car to lift in the rear and plant the tires harder. Just as you can‘t lift 100# without putting 100# additional pressure on your feet your cars chassis can’t lift the body without pushing even harder on the tires. Our no-hop bars are shorter than other brands which are to tall and can hit the tire to hard. We have kits available to allow the use of non GM rearends in GM cars. The 7028 also includes diagonal links (track locaters) on the lower control arms to keep the rear end centered under the car which helps the car go straighter down the track for a shorter 1/4 mile and a quicker ET. Triangulation braces (7029) are included to strengthen the crossmember that the upper control arms are fastened to. The crossmember can and probably will flex and eventually crack. As it is flexing, a 1/8” flex can cause a change in your pinion angle of approximately 1 degree. On a car with 2 degrees of pinion angle that’s a 50% loss. These bolt on support pieces will help eliminate this dangerous problem by triangulating both corners of the crossmember.

Due to the fact that that the car will now lift in the rear it is also recommended that the springs are changed to our lighter weight and taller NOS rear springs which will assist the chassis in lifting by providing stored energy in the spring. Don’t forget shocks. You get what you pay for. A good adjustable shock is necessary to get maximum performance and have repeatable results. If you want to get rid of that typical body roll where the drivers side front corner lifts about a foot higher than the passenger side order a NOS-7413 anti roll bar. This will help eliminate the body roll and body flex plus help plant the rear tires more evenly do to a more even load on both rear tires. Most components can be purchased separately but we do offer package discounts based upon the components purchased. We have kits available to allow the use of non GM rearend in GM cars.

A-E = GM Intermediate 64-67

A-L = GM Intermediate 68-72

A-R = GM Intermediate 73-77

G = GM Intermediate 78-88

F = GM 3rd and 4th Generation Camaros & Firebirds 82-02

M = Ford Mustang 79-95 5.0L & 96-04 4.6L

W = GM 94-96 Impala SS

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Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms With No-Hop Bars With GM Rearends or Non GM Rearends.-1
Price: $578.00
Suspension Adjustable Upper Control Arms With No-Hop Bars With GM Rearends or Non GM Rearends.-1
Adjustable upper control arms. Includes DMR 3/4" plate steel no-hop bars with two adjustable holes provided.
Suspension Anti Roll Bar-1
Price: $375.00
Suspension Anti Roll Bar-1
DMR-5413 anti roll bar will keep the front tires level or the same distance off the ground upon launch.
Suspension Technical Information.
Price: $34.95
Suspension Technical Information.
How To Hook And Launch suspension technical referance manual.